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           上海波音航空改裝維修工程有限公司是由美國波音公司控股管理,上海機場(集團)股份有限公司和上海航空股份有限公司聯合投資新近成立的致力于飛機改裝、維修、技術支持的大型合資企業。上海波音已獲得中國民用航空維修許可證(CAAC), 美國聯邦航空局維修許可證(FAA),歐洲航空管理局維修許可證(EASA),韓國民航管理局維修許可證(KCASA);現已正式進入中國和國際航空維修改裝市場。上海波音已經與波音公司達成諒解備忘錄,成為其機隊管理服務和GoldCare維護,維修及大修服務項目的供應商。其中涵蓋了航線及基地維修,部件管理,工程規劃等服務內容。同時上海波音成為核準的737 Classic客改貨亞太改裝中心,并且最先進的噴漆機庫也獲得了FAA許可證書.


        Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services Co. Ltd is newly established and incorporated by The Boeing Company, Shanghai Airport (Group) Co. Ltd., and Shanghai Airlines Co. Ltd. Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services Co., Ltd. is aimed for establishing a world class MMRO facility to offer modification, maintenance, repair & overhaul solutions. Boeing Shanghai has gained CAAC, FAA, EASA and KCASA approval certification and has scheduled to commence operation for China and overseas. Boeing Shanghai with Boeing Commercial Airplanes to become a supplier of Fleet Management and GoldCare maintenance, repair and overhaul services. It covers line and base maintenance, component management, engineering and planning as well as other services. We also became an approved conversion center for 737 Classic passenger-to-freighter modifications and completed FAA certification of its state-of-the-art painting facility.

        Our employees are deemed as our most important assets and are trusted and equally treated with respect. We care about people"s career development and will provide an environment of developing their knowledge, experience, skills together with the company"s growth. Due to the rapid expansion on repairing and modification, we are looking for qualified talents and motivated high caliber individuals to join us and shape the future together.



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