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        (一)注冊個人簡歷在航空英才網官方投遞簡歷、來校報名、來函報名或E-mail報名。 (郵件標題:學員招聘+姓名+應聘崗位 , 如“學員招聘 張三 內飾機修工”)
        聯系人:王老師(0580-3660167) 、胡老師(0580-3661807)

        1. Training Fee
        The students are free from the training fee. During the training, accommodations are provided by the college free of charge.
        2. Training Procedure
        Applications to the college will be submitted on or before April 15, 2018. The college will conduct interviews between April 15 and 30, 2018. After the interview, the students who pass the training and interview process will be selected to receive employment offers.
        3. Application methods
        (1) Come to our college in person; send a letter or E-mail;
        Email subject:Trainees recruitment &?name & position,?such as
        “Trainees recruitment & Peter & Interior Mechanic”.
        (2)Provide the following materials while applying:
        1. Personal CV following the sample of the attachment (in Both Chinese and English);
        2. Scanning copy or printing copy of English level certificates, certificates pertinent to aviation industry, academic degree and diploma, ID card, etc.
        Person to contact: Teacher Wang(0580-3660167), Teacher Hu(0580-3661807)
        E-mail: zslyjk@126.com
        School Website: www.zsthc.com
        Address: Xueyuan Rd. 99, Zhujiajian subdistrict, Putuo district, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang province, HR division of Zhejiang Zhoushan Tourism and Health Vocational College.
        Postal code: 316111

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